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This question refers to the ethical issue of giving organ transplants to prisoners who have been sentenced to prison for the commission of crimes. From a utilitarian perspective, which of the following is an argument against allowing prisoners to receive organ transplants?

Prisoners have violated the rules of society and, therefore, that have no moral right to receive benefits from society.

It would be better for society to allocate scarce organs to non-prisoners who could contribute more to society than prisoners could contribute.

After they have served their punishment for their crimes, prisoners will be entitled to be treated as ends in themselves.

There is a moral duty of autonomy for prisoners to choose to receive organ transplants, but that moral duty is outweighed by the moral duty of justice.

I believe its D

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    I disagree. That's not a utilitarian point of view.

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    C makes more of a applied anwser since its to be entitled to be treated as ends in themselves

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    Actually from a maximum utility benefit/cost point of view, I should think B would be the winner.

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    I agree with you, Damon.

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