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Hi guys, so we recently did a lab where we put a strip of Magnesium Carbonate in a crucible with a lid on, weighed it and then put it over a bunsen burner for a while to let it oxidise. After that, we weighed it again. Here are my results: Crucible + Lid =34.07g

Crucible + Lid + Magnesium = 34.2g

Crucible + Lid + Contents after reaction = 34.21g.

I am now required to write up a lab report with Aim, summarise the reaction in equation, Tabulate raw results and process your results showing clearly structures calculations. For the calculations I am required to know the weight of the Mg and the Oxygen after the reaction to work out the Empirical Formula. My question is, would the weight of the oxygen be 0.01g? Please help. Thanks (I need an answer by the 14th of jan)

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