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Business Math

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A $20,000 loan is amortized by equal semiannual payments over 10 years. If the interest rate is 8% compounded semi annually find the size of the payments. What is the unpaid balance after 6 years? Prepare the amortization schedule for the 1st 3 periods and find the principle repaid in the 2nd payment.


I think the payment is: 20k= PMTx1/.04 *(1-(1/(1+.04)20)

PMT = 1471.63


I think the amortization table looks like:

Time:Payment: Interest: Repaid: Balance

0: 0: 0: 0: 20k
1:1471.63: 800: 671.64: 19328.36
2:1471.63: 773.13: 698.51: 18629.85
3:1471.63: 745.19: 726.45: 17903.40

Principle= 20k-18629.85=1370.15


Is there a formula I can use for

What is the unpaid balance after 6 years?

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    I've been looking on google and the duck but can't seem to find anything that helps my brain understand finding the balance. I have a test tomorrow any any help would be greatly appreciated.

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