American Government

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Check my answers please

1. Which of the following describe the role of an entrepreneur in a capitalist economic system? (I need to select 2)
A. Someone who combines the factors of production into a business
B. Someone who decides how much regulation the economy needs
C. Someone willing to risk loss and failure for profit
D. Someone with no ambition who assesses the market
E. Someone who represents the public authorities

My answers are a and b

2. Why was the Sherman antitrust act essential in protecting the American free market?
A. it curtailed the ability of the government to regulate the economy
B. It restricted monopolies and Fossard competition
C. Established the governments ability to regulate the economy
D. It began the free market system

My answer is b

3. The FDA is an example of government regulation in a mixed economy through enforcing laws about which of the following?
A. Truthfulness in advertising
B. Election fairness
C. Citizenship or work visas for all workers
D. Standards for product safety

My answer is d

  1. Reed

    1 - no, on b.
    2 - correct
    3 - correct

  2. M

    Is the answer to question 1 actually A and C?

  3. Ms. Sue

    Yes. 1 is a and c.

  4. Lilone

    Thank You !! I got 100%
    1. A and C
    2. B
    3. D

  5. Tess

    Lilone is correct

  6. jessica

    1. A: someone who combines the factors of production into business. C: someone willing to risk loss and failure to profit
    2. B: restricted monopolies and fostered competition
    3: D: standards for product safety

    100% ^^^

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