American Government

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1. "Americans of all ages, all conditions, and all dispositions, constantly form associations... not only for commercial and manufacturing but of a thousand other kinds -- religious, moral, serious, futile, extensive or restricted, enormous or diminutive. " -Alexis de Tocqueville
How does the situation described by Alexis de Tocqueville illustrate political power ? (I need to select two answers)
A. Members of associations can combine resources to pay for lobbying
B. In a majority rule political system, larger numbers can gain influence
C. Association members are allowed to cast multiple votes in elections
D. Legislators are constitutionally required to meet with the heads of associations
2. How do interest groups typically influence public policy in the judicial branch?
A. By paying judges for meetings
B. By submitting amicus curiae briefs to the court
C. By meeting face-to-face with legislators
D. By contacting the director of public engagement
3. (It shows a table with pros and cons)
• stimulate interest in awareness and public affairs
• provide useful data to the government
• A convenient and less time-consuming avenue for political participation
• better organized and funded groups have advantage
• majority opinions or most vocal members are represented
• can misrepresent membership numbers
Which of the following statements about interest groups can be added to the pros call about the table? (I need to select two answers)
A. Interest groups have use bribery and threats of revenge in the past
B. Interest groups can provide a valuable check on the actions of government officials
C. Interest groups represent only those with vast resources
D. Interest groups with opposing view points can provide a more complete picture of an issue

  1. Ms. Sue

    I'll be glad to check your answers.

  2. M

    the answers ended up being:
    A. A&B
    B. B
    C. B&D

  3. Ms. Sue

    Do you want to know if those answers are right?

  4. drew

    M is right ^^ 100%

  5. Yaris

    Yes, these are 100% correct

  6. A

    M is right 100

  7. yesman

    M is alll good

  8. anon

    100% thx M :)

  9. Parrot

    Thx M!

    A repost of what M said
    1) A&B
    2) B
    3) B&D

  10. anon

    thx ^

  11. Ur Mum Gey

    4 is D

    5 is B

  12. Geno

    1). A, B
    2). B
    3). B, D
    4). D
    5). B

    100% correct answers!!! just took the quick check!!

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