posted by Kimmy

_______wishes to become a opera singer.

1. Kate Tomas
2. Kate Tomas'
3. Kate Tomas's


The ___ cheers could be heard for blocks.

1. crowds
2. crowd's
3. crowd

answer: 3

  1. Ms. Sue

    I don't interpret the first one as a possessive noun. I believe it is the subject of the verb, "wishes." However, 3 is right if it is a possessive.

    I disagree with your second answer.

  2. Kimmy

    answer: crowds

  3. Ms. Sue

    No. The cheers belong to the crowd. Crowd's cheers

  4. Reed

    I think both your answers are wrong here. Cheers could be heard? Whose cheers? And someone wishes, so she is the subject of the sentence, not a possessive.

  5. Gerald muiruri

    1.Kate Tomas

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