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"we have come after these long thousands of years to experience the agony of ten years for foreign oppression with every loss to the right to live, every restriction of the freedom thought..."

10.which of these judgments would the Koreans most likely make about the Japanese based on this excerpt ?

A- The Japanese unfairly limited Korean civil rights. *******
B- The Japanese managed the Korean economy poorly.
C- The Japanese had a much stronger military than the Koreans
D- The Japanese were very unlike the Koreans culturally.

11.) How does the climate of southeast asia cary among religions?
A- The mainland is much hotter than the islands.
B-The mainland receives monsoons but the islands do not.****
C- The islands are generally wetter than the mainland.
D- The islands have a sub tropical climate but the mainland is tropical.
what was the effect of the Khmer farmers'surplus?

A- they bought more slaves
B- they earned great wealth ***
C- they enjoyed rainwater all the time
D- they explored the Pacific Ocean

What type of commerce replaced the agricultural empires of Bagan and khmer?
A) internal trade
B) land trade
C) maritime trade ****
D) air trade

14.)How would the Philippine government respond to an insurgency?
A. the government would try to work with their members.
B. the government would want to support it.
C. the government would ignore it.
D. the government would fight it fiercely.***

  1. Reed

    I think 11 is wrong
    There is no question for 12
    The others seem correct.

  2. Anonymous

    ok thank you :)

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