SC state history

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note: not all letters will be used.

a. sectionalism
b. missouri compromise
c. andrew jackson
d. john c. calhoun
e. articles of confederation
f. cabinet
g. tariff
h. treason
i. daniel webster
j. louisiana purchase
k. nationalism
l. thomas jefferson

1. the first constitution of the united states
2. loyalty to one's own area rather than the country as a whole
3.the group that advises the president
4. with clay and calhoun, one of the founders of the whig party
5. president responsible for the louisiana purchase
6. a tax on imports
7. his supporters were called democrats
8. established a boundary line, drawn westward, north of which slavery would not be permitted
9. the crime of trying to over throw a government
10. treaty approved by congress which doubled the size of the united states

my answers:
1. E
2. A
3. F
4. ???
5. L
6. g
7. c
8. b
9. h

can someone check these please? and sorry for the really long post :/

  1. Yup

    All are correct ❤
    4. Is letter i

  2. Lowla

    I checked these with mine they’re right I think for connexus users

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