6 grade math

posted by Jessica

Please I just need help on the set up teacher wants a guess and check table.

Thomas is thinking of a number. If he doubles his number and subtraction 27, the results is 407. Of what number is Thomas thinking?

  1. Alex

    So we know that the result of doubling a number and subtracting 27 gives 407. Since your teacher wants a guess and check table, let's just start guessing numbers around the 200 mark, since we know double the number at some point.

  2. Reiny

    no need for guessing, just reverse the steps:

    the first thing we did was multiply by 2, then subtract 27 to get 407
    So everything done in reverse:

    ( 407+27) divide by 2
    = 434 ÷ 2
    = 217

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