connections Academy sucks

posted by Helping you

Hi, whoever reads this. I did a portfolio on Peter Fransico. I was supposed to do a slide about his life. That's what I did. The next day I go to a live lesson, she says I was supposed to 5 other things. That one thing took me 1 hour, and I'm supposed to do 6 lessons a day, not even adding the live lessons. Guess what I got on my portfolio? An F. 0/24. I did 8 slides about Peter, and I hate SS, absolutely hate it, but for me doing that and got an f, for nothing. Pisses me tf off, im sorry but any other school would give me points. Cheat for Connections academy.

  1. bobpursley

    I know of schools which would have given you an A for doing only 1/5 th of an assignment. So you go to a "free" (to your parents) school, which has good ratings, and you get an F on an assignment because you did not follow the instructions. Hmmm. Try any of a number of, you will get good grades for doing poor work. There are even for profit colleges you can go to also.
    No, we are not onboard your encouragement to cheat for grades at CA either. I don't think they are for it either, and that may be the issue here.

  2. lulu

    I go there also, and the workload is impossible. If Iit only took him 1 hour, it would have taken me a day and a half.
    He probably used outside sources or run his work through check my work.

  3. Helping you

    I don't usually cheat but I do on social studies. I absolutely hate it. I've got 5 Fs in all my classes and a D and B. That's ridiculous. Especially when I take the time and read threw all the links and get 100 yet I have an f. If you miss one question you get like 20 points off. It's stupid

  4. Helping you

    2/3 of these people on here go to CA because it's difficult and you have to read a ton. This website brings more propel together than CA does, lol 😂
    But just saying CA sucks

  5. Tara

    It is a lot of work, but I only do like 1/2 of what they require. It's not like they check most of it. I'm like 8 lessons behind from being sick. I probably put in like 4-5 hrs per day sometimes less. I only do the work based on the study guides they provide, so it's not that bad, imo. I have A's and B 's. Good luck!

  6. teacher

    Wow so when things get tough you just cheat? Sounds like a great life philosophy, good luck with that.

  7. Stranger

    same I turned in a portfolio and did everything they told me too do and turned it in and then I couldent do my lesson for the next day cause they said I did not do it, I turned in my work and they said "oh it was not good enough do it again" and I had to and it took me 3 hours to do it

  8. Anonymous

    I've cheated in all my classes at CA and I have no idea why you're complaining. I do school for maybe 1 house if I have a portfolio less if I don't. I skip through every thing unless I actually want to learn something and then I use google or skim through the chapter for the answers. I have As and Bs

  9. Truth

    You really shouldn't cheat, but i agree the workload is outrageous, along with the live lessons. Talk to your parents about it.

    Also @teacher, how about actually trying to help kids instead of trying to make yourself seem like the hero? Our school system is a joke, it's not the kids fault they aren't interested in these topics you are teaching them.

  10. Helping you

    I'm flabbergasted that so many people on here go to CA and get the same problems as I do! Right now I'm doing a SS one and seriously, me and my grandma do this and it took us 4 hours for the organizer and we're still not finished!

  11. DaHamiltonGirl

    Yeah. I hate that school too.

  12. Lily Collins

    @Helping you: Sorry its just that the word "flabbergasted" always cracks me up!! LOL :)

  13. slytherin rules

    I know right ca is horrible but would you like to go to a brick and mortar public school they are even worse.

  14. SugarPie

    its so hard

  15. surprised

    I just signed my son up for connections academy. This kind of work takes me back to when I was school. It is very hard prelonging work. I feel like it's a bit too much for the grade level. You work this much, when you are in College not in Elementary, Middle School, possibly high school you do. We have done over 30 something hours in 4 days. We are tired, I can't even get to my College home work. So you can see that it's a bit too much. We are trying to stay motivated. But I am his mother and I know we will get through this together!

  16. Helping you

    Right? The portfolio assessments are so hard. It's really unbelievable. My gramdma keeps yelling at me cause I have 16 over due assessments but the portfolios are what hold me down

  17. Lauren

    I have depression and anxiety and its much too hard. Im 40 lessons behind. I do the basic stuff on each lesson but it still takes me like 2 hours each lesson.

  18. Anon

    I hate connections with a passion, I'm currently in 8th grade and feel like I have a life time of work. Sometimes I break down and cry at 3am because of the stress of the Leaps and portfolios. If anyone wanted to ask if connections was a good school I would tell them that it is the farthest thing from if. I used to have amazing grades but every year in connections I get Fs then barley pass at the end of the year because they don't explain thins and make me understand, they also give you a buttload of work on top of that you also have to go to livelessons and somehow still have your sanity. Next year I'm going to a local highschool and leaving this terrible school.

  19. smurfity smurf smurf smurf

    i do think that the work load is a lot but i mean if you get up at six am and do six hours a day and you get it the habit.I know what you mean though it is a lot of work but think about it i mean we are going to be working like this is collage and in the real world.Last year for like three months i was because one lesson would take me three or four hours to do but i mean now i am on a schedule i get up i startup my computer then i eat breakfast while i am deciding what lesson i need and want to do that day and then i get my school stuff like my notes and text books then ii sit down at the table and i do my work.but if you try to stay positive then you can do it and you will make it. If you are behind you can try to make it fun like last year my mom gave my brother jelly beans and every time he completed a lesson the right way (taking notes and not just clicking through it) he would get a jelly bean so he would have something to look forward to.Another thing i do is that i listen to my favorite music on you tube while i work.

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