posted by Kaba

The accident........if the motorist had obeyed the speed limit.
A. Never happened
B. Never would happen
C. Would happen never
D never would have happened

What is the right tense?

  1. Steve

    perfect conditional: D

    The other choices are

    A: The accident never happen.
    B: The accident never would happen if the motorist obeyed the speed limit.
    C: same as B, but would never happen with a native speaker.

    And even B would more likely be "would never happen"

  2. Steve

    Oops: A (simple declaration) is

    The accident never happened.

  3. Writeacher

    And Kaba thinks ... ??

  4. Mina

    What is the right sentence of this sentence:
    The nurse's notes in the medical record indicate the patient's pain was severe.

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