9th grade algebra

posted by Alexis

Evaluate the following expression given the function.

function: h(x)=12/x

problem: h(x) = -2
solution: -2 = 12/x.
1/12 * -2 = 12/x *1/12 (mulitply both sides by 1/12 to get x by itself.
-2/12 = 1/x
-1/6 = 1/x (simplified -2/12)

I don't think this is right. Can you explain how to get the 'x' out of the denominator?

  1. Steve

    don't be scared by that x. It's juts a denominator. To get rid of it, multiply both sides by x.

    Now, to find x when h = -2, just do what you did:

    12/x = -2
    now just multiply by x:

    12 = -2x
    x = -6

  2. Alexis

    Thanks! That was so much easier :).

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