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1. The region of the United States in which Georgia is located is the (1 point)
northeastern region.
southeastern region.
northwestern region.
southwestern region.

2. Brasstown Bald, Amicalola Falls, and Helen, Georgia are all located in which region? (1 point)
Blue Ridge
Coastal Plain
Applachian Plateau

3. Which of Georgia’s physiographic regions borders the Atlantic Ocean? (1 point)
Blue Ridge
Coastal Plain
Valley and Ridge

4. Georgia's largest freshwater swamp is called the (1 point)

5. The Chattahoochee River serves as Georgia’s border with what state? (1 point)
South Carolina
North Carolina

6. The Barrier Islands protect Georgia’s coast from all of the following except (1 point)
mud slides
strong winds

7. Extended periods of dry weather with little to no rainfall are known as (1 point)

8. Which states form Georgia’s borders? (1 point)
Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi
South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida
Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee
Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama

9. What major aspect of Georgia’s climate influences business and industry to move into the state? (1 point)
Georgia does not have tornadoes.
Georgia does not have hurricanes.
Georgia seldom receives much snow.
Georgia has a consistently mild climate.

10. Which statement best describes the geographical regions of Georgia? (1 point)
The smallest region in land area is the Blue Ridge region.
The geographical regions of Georgia contain good farmland.
Three of the regions have a combined land area smaller than that of the Piedmont Plateau.
The Coastal Plain region is more than twice the size of the other four regions combine

  • history -

    Do you really expect us to answer these questions for you?

    How about you show us what you know about them?

  • Ms. Sue -

    First of all I answered 8 of these by myself I don't need you too answer all of my questions I'm not stupid.
    8. d
    9. ?
    10. ?
    thank you very much

  • history -

    9 is b.

  • history -

    so what is the answer to number ten there are three possible ones because A is wrong

  • history -

    9 is D and 10 is C btw people.....

  • history -

    8 is c btw

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