Business Law- Need Help with this one..

posted by angela

In trademark terms, what is acquiring secondary meaning?
A. when a mark that resembles a mark already registered with the federal PTO is used for a new product or service
B. when descriptive words are used that have no direct relevance to a product or service
C. when ordinary words establish new meaning due to their attachment to a product or service
D. when a distinctive mark or design is created for a new product or service

I'm thinking C or D.. Really need help on this one..

  1. Ms. Sue

    This information should clarify this term.

  2. angela

    ok thanks

  3. angela

    miss Sue is it D? I read the article

  4. angela

    I think it is D

  5. Ms. Sue

    Why do you think it's D?

  6. angela

    I read it like a million times and came up with B now

  7. Susan

    It's c

  8. Ms. Sue

    The answer is C.

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