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Write y = -2/5x + 3 in standard form using integers.


I don't agree with any of these answer choices. I cam up with this answer; 2x+5y=15, but it is not one of the answer choices. Is my answer wrong? If so, what's the right answer? Please help me!

  1. Scarlet

    Ms. Sue or anyone else can you please help me with this??? I am really confused.

  2. Scarlet

    Someone please help??? I would really appreciate it.

  3. Reiny

    y = -2/5x + 3

    multiply each term by 5 , the LCD
    5y = -2x + 15

    get the x's and y's to one side, the constant to the other

    2x + 5y = 15

    None of your choices are correct.

    e.g. for y = (-2/5)x + 3 , (the original)
    the y-intercept is (0,3)
    (0,3) does not satisfy any of the given choices, but it satisfies my equation

    You either typed the question wrong, or the question itself is wrong.

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