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posted by bunny64

1. In the civil War, for the first time, thousands of Women served as____.

A. Soldiers
B. spies***
C. generals
D. nurses

2. "Peace Democrats" became known as______.

A. war hawks***
B. rebels
C. copperheads
D. radicals

3. What guarantee gives accused individuals the right to a hearing before being jailed?

A. bounties
B. greenbacks
C. draft***
D. habeas corpus

4. How did the civil war affect the northern and southern economies?

A. The North experienced move severe inflation than the South.
B. Overall the South fared much worse economically than the north.
C. The South experienced a boom in manufacturing.
D. The North's economy was unaffected by the war.****

  1. Ms. Sue

    Your guesses are all wrong!

  2. Reed

    #1 - Yes, there were women who were spies. I question that there were thousands of them. Check your text.

    Your other answers are wrong.

  3. bunny64


  4. Ms. Sue

    Only one of your new answers is correct.

    Please do not post these questions again. You're on your own, now.

  5. Reed

    You guessed right on #2 now. The others are still wrong. Do not post more guesses for these questions. Read your text materials. It's amazing what you can learn that way.

  6. bunny64

    that's the thing I don't have my text book my dads crazy girlfriend got mad at me so she threw it in the fire and im getting so stressed im throwing up, and I cant sleep.

  7. bunny64

    and if I don't get my grade up she will be even more mad and she will beat me.

  8. Ms. Sue

    Then Google your questions.

  9. Reed

    If what you say is true, bunny64, (I have no way of knowing), you should talk to a teacher, pastor, school counsellor or some other person who can help you.

  10. dropdeadmiw

    She came here to get the freaking help and you were rude about it!!!

  11. Anonymous

    So do you guys knew the answers

  12. Raven

    1. nurses (check out Clara Barton)
    that is the only one i know, and I feel sorry for your problem that you are in right now.

  13. cool guy

    the correct answer are

  14. Ms. Sue

    Be careful! Jiskha gets a lot of pranksters who give the wrong answers. Also -- many teachers mix up the questions and the answers so that any two tests are likely to be different.

  15. abec

    cool guy is correct! 100% thx

  16. fox girl

    Thx cool guy!! :D

  17. Enter Name

    Bunny64, you need to call the police. That's child abuse. Listen to Reed and tell somebody Now, before it gets worse. D C D B

  18. Donald Trump

    Yeah, Bunny64. you need to tell someone or call the cops. That's not okay. Praying for you.

  19. ...

    i hope youre ok bunny64

  20. Missie Writer

    bunny64, if you're telling the truth, you do need to contact the police or contact someone who is able to do it for you as soon as possible.

  21. lmao

    dude ms sue just dragged that kids ass lmao

  22. The Grinch

    bunny64, tell your dad to break up with his girlfriend, and date someone else. And by a replacement too. I got a 4/4 too. Go Caps!

  23. lamp

    the drama though thx cool guy

  24. Okay...

    So sorry to hear that bunny, wish I could comfort or help you also, cool guy was right, thank you, you are such a cool guy.

    *duh doom tss*

    Thanks, I'll be here all week.

  25. Bruh


  26. halp

    RIP Bunny64

  27. nobody interesting.

    "IN the civil war, for the first time, thousands of women served as spies"
    o-o oh really... did they?

  28. Why isnt this kid/kids's IP banned?

    Does no one else see that profanity "LMAO" put?

  29. Ice Cream Lover <3

    Hope this helped you ^_^ ^0^ ^~^

    I LOVE ICE CREAM!!!! ^~^

  30. Rose

    @bunny64 I'm on here in 2017 so I know it's much too late to offer help. But I do hope your situation was resolved and you're doing much better. <3 Screw @Mrs.Sue and many others in this corrupt educational system who put grades over mental health and could care less about you. As my favorite quote says, "I'm going insane but that's okay, because my grades are more important than my mental health anyways."

  31. Anon.

    quit being so dramatic. You expect the answers?? Google them.
    "Oh my text book is burned, how will i get the answers" Gooogle them.
    Don't feel bad for bunny she was too lazy to actually read through websites about the civil war,
    ALSO ITS A QUICK CHECK fail it. It's worth nothing lmao

    and yeah I said she's lazy,
    I'm also lazy that's why I am here.
    That's why you're here too I bet.
    Anyways, if you're reading this, Have a good day.

  32. Anonymous

    Cool guy is correct

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