science help pls pls

posted by Oscar

Which of the following terms refers to the foamy bubbles of a breaking wave?


is it d pls help me

  1. Damon

    LOL, another questionable question. Are you inland somewhere?

    Duration is how long the waves last, not the answer

    Fetch is how far across the bleak ocean the wind and waves have traveled to reach you. When waves build up they start short and low, but as they travel and the breeze continues, their spectrum changes to longer and faster waves so ou are in for more trouble if you have miles of fetch to windward and no breakwater. This is not the answer.
    Speed is not foamy bubbles but I told you waht determines phase speed of an ocean gravity surface wave in your last question. - Not the answer

    Well, I suppose surf could be called foamy bubbles, but not if it lands on you hard.

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