posted by SpitFireRedHead

Can someone please check my answers for this? Thanks!

1. What is the latter tone of "The Morning of June 28, 1949 and 'The Lottery'"?
a. offended and angry
b. taken aback and sarcastic***
c. surprised and confused

2. Which of the following words is an example of an absolute modifier?
a. unique***
b. shocking
c. distinctive

3. Which is the best synonym for the word vehement as used in this excerpt from "The Morning of June 28, 1949 and 'The Lottery'"?

…all letters addressed to me care of the magazine were forwarded directly to me for answering, and all letters addressed to the magazine—some of them addressed to Harold Ross personally; these were the most vehement—were answered at the magazine…

a. heated***
b. urgent
c. enthusiastic

  1. Ms. Sue

    I disagree with 1. The other two are correct.

  2. anon,

    1 is right

  3. Anonymous

    1 is right... 3/3 i just got on quick check ... nice thx

  4. Klynn

    Anonymous is correct!! Thank you!

  5. Malayah

    3/3 100% on my test thanks!

  6. Anonymous



  7. muminah

    good job!
    100% CORRECT!!!!!

  8. Nicholas

    100% correct

  9. maddie


  10. Truffle

    is right

  11. Geno

    #1 - B
    #2 - A
    #3 - A

    these are 100% right for GA Connexus!!! ^^

  12. Little girl Lily

    100 % right !!!!

  13. Diapered RainbowDash

    Lol, you millenials and your cheating habbits.

  14. Um.

    Diapered RainbowDash... This is a 9th grade quiz meaning most of us are 14 and 15 therefore, not millenials but generation Z. The better of the generations to be honest...

  15. Um.

    1. B
    2. A
    3. A
    Are all correct :)

  16. jj

    bless you omg @um.

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