plz check on math 6th grade

posted by Susan

The wheel of a unicycle has a radius of 14 inches how many minutes many rotations does it take for a will to travel 440 inches

  1. Ms. Sue

    That depends upon the speed of the unicycle.

  2. Ricky

    Find the circumference
    2*pi*14= 88 approx

    Then 440/88
    = 5 approx

  3. Aiden






  4. Kk

    Aiden do you know the answers to the practice

  5. Catwoman

    Aiden is right listen to him I got 100% on it to

  6. Gods NOT dead


  7. Cami

    I got 5, and it was tight on the test

  8. Vixen

    Aiden is 100% right for the connexus quick check!!

  9. Kpop

    Aiden is right THX I GOT A 100%!!!! :)

  10. cariel

    thank you Aiden got 100%

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