math 5th grade

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Samantha is making some floral arrangements. The table shows the prices for one-half dozen of each type of flower.

Price for 1/2 dozen flowers
rose : $5.29
Carnation : $3.59
Tulip $ 4.79

part A: Samantha wants to buy 6 roses, 4 carnations, and 8 tulips. She estimates that she will spend about $14 on these flowers. Do you agree? Explain your answer.

Part B: Along with the flowers, Samantha bought 4 packages of glass beads and 2 vases. The vases cost $3.59 each and the total sales tax was $1.34. The total amount she paid was $28.50, including sales tax. Explain an strategy she could use to find the cost of 1 package of glass beads.

  1. Henry

    5.29 + (2/3)*3.59 + (4/3)*4.79 = $14.07, Yes.

    28.50-(2*3.59)-1.34 = 19.98 = Cost of 4 pks. of glass beads.

    19.98/4 = $5.00 = Cost of 1 pk. of glass beads.

  2. pooop

    it is 0.84 that is the poopy answer!

  3. Maritsa

    Samantha wants to buy 6 roses 4 carnations and 8 tulips she estimates that she will spend about $14 on these flowers do you agree explain your answer

  4. Shannon

    Samanth wants to buy 6 roses,4 carnations,and 8 tulips.She estimates that she will spend $14.00 on these flowers.Do you agree?Explain your answer.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Samantha

    my answer is 1

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