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How should i advise a friend who reponds to conflict by avoidance on why it is not healthy in sustaining positive relationships?

  1. Ms. Sue

    What do you think?

  2. OlaftheSnowmen

    Tell them that when they avoid conflict, they are also avoiding the chance to understand the reason behind why the conflict happened. It will not help them grow as a person but it will make them become a coward by escaping the reality. The more they avoid conflict, the more they are trying to alienate themselves from the people that surround them. It will give them the impression that they do not care at all. So, even if how painful the conflict is or was or will be, you have to face it no matter what.

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  4. Reed

  5. Reed

    From the Oxford English Dictionary:




    1.a county in the Republic of Ireland, in the western part of the province of Munster.

    •the county town of Limerick, on the Shannon River; pop. 52,539 (2006).




    1.a humorous, frequently bawdy, verse of three long and two short lines rhyming aabba, popularized by Edward Lear.


    late 19th cent.: said to be from the chorus “Will you come up to Limerick?,” sung between improvised verses at a gathering.


    limerick (noun)
    limericks (plural noun)

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    Limerick (poetry) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A limerick is a form of poetry, [1] especially one in five-line, predominantly anapestic [2] meter with a strict rhyme scheme (AABBA), which is sometimes obscene with ...
    Form ·
    Origin of the name ·
    Edward Lear ·

    Limerick | Define Limerick at

    1895-1900; after Limerick; allegedly from social gatherings where the group sang “Will you come up to Limerick?” after each set of verses, extemporized in turn by ...

    Limerick Poem| Definition, Forms, Types, Poem Examples

    Definition of a Limerick? A limerick can be defined as, “A five-line poem written with one couplet and one triplet”. OR “Often referred to as nonsense poetry ...

    Limerick Definition | Poetry | Dictionary › Dictionary and Thesaurus

    Limerick poetry definition. Define Limerick poems. Poetry definitions of the word Limerick on the Dictionary and Thesaurus.

    Limericks - Types of Poetry

    Definition of Limericks. Limericks are short sometimes bawdy, humorous poems of consisting of five Anapaestic lines. Lines 1, 2, and 5 of a Limerick have seven to ten ...

    Young Writers | Limerick Poem – Definition and Funny Examples

    What is a Limerick Poem? Explanation of a limerick, normally a limerick is funny making it great for kids and children

    Limerick | Definition of Limerick by Merriam-Webster

    Define limerick: a humorous rhyming poem of five lines—usage, synonyms, more. Follow: ... Simple Definition of limerick: a humorous rhyming poem of five lines

    Limerick dictionary definition | limerick defined

    The definition of a limerick is a humorous rhyming poem that is usually around five lines in length and that often contains a bawdy story or joke.

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  6. Reed

    OOPS. Sorry, this was meant for another question.

  7. jennifer

    What are ways that can i recommend my friend on how She should approach conflict resolution?

  8. Charlie

    she should go through it cautiously and be smart about it. don't try to fix it then and there, do it gradually so she can get it done alright and efficiently. don't try to push it

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