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I am unsure of what exactly I am looking for in this problem...

One of the highlights of the Calaveras Fair, besides the bullfrog jumping contest, is the watermelon seed spitting contest. The seed spitting is being done in the direction of s ⃗=5i ⃗+j ⃗. The wind velocity during the contest is w ⃗=i ⃗+4j ⃗ mph. The rules say that a legal wind in the direction of the seed spit must not exceed 3 mph. Mr. Samuel C. himself just spit for a record of 22 ft 1.4 inches.
Will his record stand?

It may have to do with Dot product but I am not sure.

  1. Steve

    (5i+j)•(i+4j) = 9
    The projection of w on s is thus 9/√26 ≈ 1.77

    Looks ok to me.

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