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which statement best describes the geography of religion in Israel?

A) Judaism and Christianity dominate in Israel, while Islam is Majority somewhere else
B) Islam is a Majority religion through the region, with significant pocket of Judaism and Christianity.
C) Israel is predominantly Jewish, While Islam is Majority somewhere else.
D) Numerous religious sects exist throughout the region, which is mainly Muslim

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    I highly recommend you try reading your text materials, then we'll be glad to check your answer. And, since when is "Please help" a School Subject? No curriculum I know of has such a subject.

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    I keep wondering when "shynice" is going to learn to read, comprehend, and follow directions -- and post her actual SUBJECT in the School Subject box.

    <shaking my head here>

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    i really dontcare and im kinda new and didn't know ?

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    You've been posting homework questions on this website for quite a while now. I know you know the difference between your subject (math, history, etc.) and "please help" because it's been pointed out to you over and over.

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    Thx OMFG 100% Correct

  7. Just shut up!

    U guys are being really rude...What if u needed help and had all these people talking trash about u!?! Maybe she needs the newer or need u to check it but u guys need to stop because that's what this website is for..To get answer me help check answers!

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    Stop being so mean she needs help jeez is she bitgering you i dont think so if you dont wanna answer the question then dont and if you have something mean to say dont say it


    shut up guys

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    WriteTeacher what the heck ! I bet behind that screen is a wimpy kid that likes online bullying because no one could see how weak u really are, how dare u just yell at someone who needs help, because a real teacher WILL help a student in need. not meaning to bully back :)

  11. Blue ^~^

    i get im late..but for those who come next here ya go.
    Lesson 8: Geography in Israel and Its Neighbors
    Civics, Grade 7 Unit 1: Southwest Asia

  12. queen of hell


  13. Hal

    1. C
    2. D
    3. C


  14. King troy


    Its 100% right

  15. big bad

    king troy is 100% correct I checked 5 times and then sent it in and got 100% 3/3

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    Why are we all fighting here?

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    thx guys I am new add me on snap idehart7

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