posted by Meliza

Why is it important to study in a quiet well lit area?

You can read aloud and not bother anyone else

You can focus on your studying without tractions ••

Reading books in a dark room will strain your eyes

It will help when you study with a friend

Correct me if I'm wrong!!

  1. Writeacher

    If that last word is 'distractions,' I agree.

  2. Dani

    Haha. I believe they meant that.

  3. Anonymous

    The answers are:
    100% guarantee.

  4. smiley

    Anonymous is correct i just took the test and i got 100% thanks!!

  5. Darrel


  6. Anonymous

    umm my test has 10 questions and anonymous only gave 3

  7. ._.


  8. non

    different thing

  9. kk

    just took the quick check (100%)

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