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7.)Which answer best describes the U.S. National Road?

A.)It ran from Atlanta to Baltimore and followed the railroad.

B.)It ran from New York to Chicago and was made from wooden planks.

C.)It ran from Massachusetts to Ohio and ran parallel to the canal system.

D.)It ran from Maryland to Illinois and was made using macadam construction.

C Or D

  1. Ms. Sue


  2. Frank

    GOT IT, ITS c

  3. YRN DJ

    Is Frank right?

  4. Ms. Sue

    No, Frank/YRN DJ! Please use the same name for your posts.

    If you're going to post here, the least you can do is read the linked website.

  5. Mhm

    Well considering Frank/YRN DJ made the first post here can get away with it. c:

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