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i was taking a test online, and i think they gave me the wrong answers. Here take a look at the test and the answers if the answers are wrong, please cahnge them for me so i know the corrects answers!!! THANKS

Fragments and Run-ons

Post test

Identify whether each group of words is a complete sentence, fragment, or a run-on.

1 . Identify whether each group of words is a complete sentence,
fragment, or a run-on.

Which was built in 1950.

a. sentence
b. fragment
c. run on

2 .Needed the materials for the science project.

a. sentence
b. fragment
c. run on
3 . Bertha gave me a computer game for my birthday last week.

a. sentence
b. fragment
c. run on
4 . Talking on the phone for a couple of hours last night, i forgot to do my

a. sentence
b. fragment
c. run on
5 . When we adopted the cutest puppy at the animal shelter.

a. sentence
b. fragment
c. run on
6. The little boy's toy car was yellow, his sister had a red and white toy truck.

a. sentence
b. fragment
c. run on
7 . Carlos is the team captain on the football team, and he plays defensive tackle.

a. sentence
b. fragment
c. run on
8 .Lifting the heavy boxes, I hurt my back.

a. sentence
b. fragment
c. run on
9 . After I dribbled the ball down the court.

a. sentence
b. fragment
c. run on
10 . She won the spelling contest, she will go to the regional level next month.

a. sentence
b. fragment
c. run on

Please print your answers. Click here to see the correct answers.

Fragments and Run-ons Answers











  1. Ms. Sue

    All the answers are right except for 9.

  2. Adele

    i thought # 4 was also wrong because it cant be a sentence unless the "i" becomes capital. now thart u've realized this it is # 4 still a sentence?

  3. Anonymous

    9. Fragment

  4. Adele

    Also what is the answer for # 9? (Im checking my work)

  5. Reed

    9 & 10 are wrong. 9 is a fragment. 10 is a compound sentence. It would be better with a semi-colon instead of a comma, but is acceptable this way. It could also be two sentences.

  6. Adele

    thanks ANONYMOUS! :D

  7. Reed

    Well, what is a run-on? I guess we can disagree. This one looks like a compound sentence to me. With the comma, it looks run-on. With the semi-colon, it would not.

  8. Ms. Sue

    Reed is right. 10 is a run-on.

    I overlooked that. Sorry.

  9. Reed

    No, Ms. Sue, you identified it as a run-on. I said compound. The comma and semi-colon debate does make a difference, though. Many people think the comma is enough in a compound sentence. I think the semi makes a difference. But we are splitting hairs, methinks. I concede it's run-on. :)

  10. Lukas

    for number 5 i thought it was a sentence for some reason then i realized it was a fragment because the sentence should've changed when we.

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