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the chemical process by which your body breaks down the nutrients in foods to release energy for the cells in your body describes.


----is a type of complex carbohydrate that does not get broken down or absorbed into the bloodstream but is a beneficial nutrient to include in a recipe.

A.amino acid

which nutrient can be found in both animals and plants and provides growth and repair of your body's tissues

C.trans fat***
D.unsaturated fat

Help Please !!!!!

  1. Writeacher

    All are incorrect.

    Please go back and study your text before trying again.

    You should also look up each word or term here:

  2. ........................

    so what is it

  3. Ms. Sue

    Number one is incorrect, it is metabolism.

  4. Ashley

    1: metabolism
    2 : fiber
    3: protein

  5. Derp

    Ashley is correct.
    1. Metabolism
    2. Fiber
    3. Protein

  6. krystina

    they are correct i took the test
    1. metabolism

  7. Nasir

    1. metabolism



  8. Abby

    1. metabolism



  9. <333

    3. protein


  10. What the acutal DUCK


  11. Anonymous

    I am too. but I'm new

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