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Which of the following statements is TRUE?
a.Younger children are as likely as older children to remind themselves that they need to pay attention.

b.Younger children know fewer attentional "tricks of the trade" than older children.

c.Younger and older children are equally distracted by extraneous information.

d.Younger children do not usually show an orienting response.

The answer am think would been A.

  1. Woody

    Which of the following is a myth about ADHD?

    Most children with ADHD are hyperactive and either impulsive or inattentive.

    Many healthy children are wrongly diagnosed with ADHD.

    More than half the children who are diagnosed with ADHD will have problems related to overactivity, inattention, and impulsivity as adolescents or adults.

    Boys are more commonly diagnosed with ADHD than are girls.
    The answer am think would been D.

    Question 2.Which of the following is NOT correct regarding face-recognition skill?

    Most adults recognize faces from other races better than faces from their own race.

    Research has shown that experience leads infants to a more precise configuration of faces, one that includes human faces, but not monkey faces.

    By 9 months of age, the facial template is modified to reflect the kinds of faces that infants see frequently.

    Most adults recognize faces from their own race better than faces from other races.
    I am think the answner would be d

  2. Ms. Sue

    The last answer is right. The other two are wrong.

  3. woody

    The first one is a or b.

  4. woody

    I mean c for the first question.

  5. W

    The second question b or c

  6. Ms. Sue

    You've now guessed at 3 of the 4 possible answers for 1. Which is it?

    Make a decision about 2 also.

  7. woody

    The first question is c. The second is b

  8. woody

    Thanks for the help am good.

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