Math using symbols

posted by Bell

1)The star diagram
*** ****
*** ****
may be used to demonstrate the truth of

a) 3x4=4x3
b) 2+(3x4)=2x(3+4)
c) 2x(3+4)=(2x3)+(2x4)
d) 2x(3x4)=2x3x4

2)The star diagram
*** **** *****
may be used to demonstrate the truth of
a) 3x4=4x3
b) 3x4x5
c) 3x(4+5)=3x4 + 3x5
d) (3+4)+5=3+(4+5)

  1. Steve

    you have 2 rows, each with 3+4 stars
    So, what do you think?
    Hint: distributive property

    In #2, there is no multiplication, just 3+4+5 stars

    So, what do you think?
    Hint: associative property

  2. Bell

    I'm not sure about #1 but is #2 d?

  3. Bell

    Is #1 c?

  4. Steve

    you are correct on both of them. Good work.

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