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Could someone who goes to connexus academy Please please please give me the answers to Human Impact on the Environment Unit Test
pretty please im stressed out and im backed up.please please help i will repay you! please!!!!
and please may they be the CORRECT answer.
Thank you soooo much guys! i love you!

  • Connexus Cheat! -

    Attention, Connections teachers! This person from southern Florida is trying to cheat and involve other Connexus students.

  • science -

    i live in orlando?

  • science -

    I'm working on a unit test for social studies it's on slavery help

  • science -

    Please stop being a jerk on this site. Love you.

  • science -

    I will be contacting your parents immediately, Lizzy. You have broken the Connexus Academy honor code. We need to have a talk, and possibly lead to suspension if repeated.

  • science -

    Um... may I ask who u r? I bet that is some random person saying stuff. Btw there is NO way they know u r. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  • science -

    Can u give answer I'm jk but for 1. Which of the following is the most effective way to preserve biodiversity? Is it A. a is captive breeding b. Habitat destruction c. Habitat preservation d. Habitat fragmentation? My answer is A is that right ms.sue

  • science -

    Hey sue, why don't you shut the fuk up, miss sue is not to be trusted and will burn in heck because she is a lesbian so i will enjoy watching her burn in the lake of fire, sincerily

    - a fuked up a$shole

  • science -

    miss sue. thats ddosing and its illegal, if i see any thing more im going to tell the cops. i dont care about any of this whole thing and honestly its all bull. this is just a fair warning

  • science -

    Wow that was wow

  • science -

    wanna hear my favorite song? It is I dont f with you

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