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q1 a cone has a base radius of 5cm and height of 12cm(a)calculate it slant height (b)calculate it total surface area,leave answer in terms of it

  1. MathMate

    base radius = r = 5 cm
    cone height = h = 12 cm
    Use Pythagoras theorem to find slant height
    slant height, L = sqrt(5²+12²)
    =sqrt(169)=13 cm

    Total surface area
    = π r²+πrL

    Substitute numerical values to get numerical answer.

  2. patience daniel

    pls help me out,dis is my first time

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  4. Isaac

    Pleasea help me out am stock

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  6. Anonymous

    Using pythagoras rule
    L^2/l square. 5^2 + 12^2.
    L=square of 169=13
    Slant 13cm

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