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6Li(s) + N2(g) 2Li3N(s)
a) What mass of lithium is required to produce 0.575 g of Li3N in the balanced reaction?
b) What mass of nitrogen is required for the reaction?
I tried dimensional analysis in a couple different ways but I guess the numbers were wrong because I'm getting the wrong answer.

  1. DrBob222

    If you had shown your work instead of "but I guess the numbers were wrong" we could tell instantly what was wrong.
    mols Li3N = grams/molar mass = ?
    Then ?mol Li3N x (6 mol Li/2 mol Li3N) = ?
    grams Li = mols Li x atomic mass Li = ?

    Also I suggest you find th arrow key on your computer and use it. --> or ==>

  2. Marissa

    Here's the work:

    a) .575 g Li3N(1 mol Li3N/34.83 g Li3N)(6 mol Li/2 mol Li3N)(6.941 g L/1 mol Li) = 0.334 g Li

    Plug in the molar ratios and masses of N2 for part B.

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