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Will someone please check my answers?
I starred my answers.

1. A person who does not recognize the signs of mental illness may not know he needs help.
A. True*
B. False

2. Which of the following is not a sign of psychotherapy?
A. insight
B. cognitive*
C. medications
D. group

3. Arachnophobia, is a type of?
A. personality disorder
B. anxiety disorder*
C. mood disorder
D. impulse-control disorder

7. Which is not a type of psychotherapy used to treat mental disorders?
A. insight therapy
B. group therapy
C. drug therapy
D. cognitive therapy *

8. A mental health professional who is a link between community services and a patient is?
A. psychologist
B. psychiatrist
C. social worker*
D. neurologist

9. Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for depression and/or suicide?
A. a parent or other close biological relative with a mood disorder
B. experiencing a violent crime or witnessing one*
C. Being sad for awhile after your friend moves away
D. A previous bout of depression

10. If you are concerned about mental factors associated with mental illness, you don't need to worry about?
A. hereditary*
B. virus infections
C. physical factors
D. early experiences

13. Lindsey is often late to soccer practice because she has to tie and untie her shoes exactly four times before she can play. What disorder is Lindsey displaying?
A. panic attack
B. phobia
C. obsessive compulsive disorder*
D. general anxiety disorder

14. Each year, about _ percent of americans experience the symptoms of mental disorder. However, they don't seek help.
A. 10
B. 20*
C. 50
D. 60

Please help me!!

  • Physical Education 8A -

    2, 7, 9, 10 are wrong.

    I don't know about 14. The others are right.

  • Physical Education 8A -

    Okay these are my new answers.

    2. A
    7. A
    9. D

    Are these correct, Ms. Sue?

  • Physical Education 8A -

    2. A - no
    7. A - no
    9. D - no
    10.B - yes

    Please do not post these questions again. I've already checked them twice -- and that's enough!

  • Physical Education 8A -

    The correct answers are
    4.Anxiety disorder
    6. Clinical depression
    7.Drug therapy
    8.Social Worker
    9.Being sad for a while after you friend moves away
    10.Virus infections
    11.Leave him alone to work it out
    13.Obsessive compulsive disorder
    15.A mental health professional

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    ^^^^ OMG SHAWN MENDES!! ( he is bæ(: )

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    ^^^ OMG YES HE IS <3

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    @Shawn Mendes is bae is correct just got 100%

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  • Physical Education 8A -

    OMG SHAWN MENDEZ IS GAY? jk ur a life savior thx

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    100% correct thanks

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    is this for Connexus???

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