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Units measured by the amount of energy released when nutrients are broken down are know as?
A. Metabolism
B. Calories
C. Nutrients
D. Carbohydrates
My answer is B?

  1. Ms. Sue

    I agree.

  2. im just a girl that has no friends

    yes its B

  3. tbh

    are you home schooled, too @im just a girl that has no friends ????

  4. Anonymous

    Its A.


    It's Metabolism.

  6. Jumanji

    The correct answer is Calories

  7. Bman XD

    The answere to this question I B calories

  8. Bman XD

    The answers are
    1. B
    2. B
    3. B

    I got a 100 %

  9. ca

    is correct

  10. I Luv Dean Winchester

    The Answers are, for 8th grade OK connections academy.
    1. B
    2. B
    3. B
    Guaranteed 100%
    Just took the test

  11. shlonnnggg

    its not bbb i just took and got . a 66.66 but the first are b

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