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Im the same person from my other questions!

Two stores sell the same computer for the same original price. Store A advertises that the computer is on sale for 25% off the original price. Store B advertises that it is reducing the computer’s price by $180. When Brittany compares the sale prices of the computer in both stores, she concludes that the sale prices are equal.
0.25p = p – 180
0.75p = p + 180
0.25(p – 180) = p
0.75p = p − 180 **

Nathan and Steven stacked boxes on a shelf. Nathan lifted 13 boxes and Steven lifted 15 boxes. The boxes that Nathan lifted each weighed 12 lb more than the boxes Steven lifted.
13(s +12)**
s + 12
15(s + 12)
12(s + 13)

  1. Damon

    .75 p = p - 180 yes

    I do not know what the second question is.

  2. Anonymous

    For the second one: Which expression represents the total number of pounds Nathan lifted?
    let s represent the weight of boxes Steven lifted.

  3. Emma


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