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1. What event started the French Revolution?

A: The fall of the Bastille started the French Revolution.

2. How did Napoleon assume power in France and become emperor?

A: As a popular general, Napoleon assumed power in France by taking part in the coup d'état of 1799 that overthrew the Directory and set up a new government. In theory, it was a republic, but in fact Napoleon held absolute power. In 1802, Napoleon was made consul for life. Two years later, he crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I.

3. Why was the French invasion of Russia a failure?

A: The French invasion of Russia was a failure because thousands of soldiers starved and froze during the "Great Retreat" west of across Russia. As a result of the French army being crippled, Paris was captured after an attack by other European states.

4. How does Jacques-Louis David portray Napoleon in the painting Napoleon Crossing the Alps? Why do you think Napoleon wanted artists to produce portraits like this one?

A: David portrays Napoleon as being calm and mounted on a fiery steed. I think Napoleon wanted artists to produce portraits like this one because the painting was a representation of his character rather than his physical appearance.

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