algebra 2

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1. 5x+2>3x+10

2. 8+2x< or equal too 6x-20
x> or equal too 7

3. 4(1-3n)-14>4(2n+3)-9n


5. x/4<9

6. a/9>or equal to -15
a> or equal too -135

7. -p/7>-9

8. -t/12> or equal too 6
-t> or equal to 72
t< or equal too 72

9. -y<36
= y>36

10. define a variable, write an inequality, and solve each problem. check your solution

1. four times a number is greater than -48

define a variable:
write an inequality: 4n>-48
solve: n>-12

11. one eighth of a number is less than or equal too 3

define a variable:
write an inequality: 1/8 n < or equal too 3
solve: ?

12. negative 12 times a number is no more than 84

define a variable:
write an inequality: -12n<84
solve: n>-7

13. negative one sizth of a number is less than -9

define a variable:
write an inequality: -1/6n<-9
solve: ?

14. eight times a number is at least 16

inequality: 8n>16

  1. Steve

    First, that's equal to, NOT too!
    It's a lot easier just to write x >= 2.
    With that said, let's proceed.

    #1: ok
    #2: ok

    #3: Hmmm. This one is no harder than the first two, just a bit longer.
    4-12n-14 > 8n+12-9n
    -12n-10 > -n+12
    -11n > 22
    n < -2

    #5,6: ok

    #7: oops - should have been
    p<+63 since -63/-1 = +63

    #8:same thing here. When you change sign, you must change it on both sides of the inequality, just as you would in an equation.
    -t >= 72
    t <= -72

    #9: same again.
    y > -36

    #10: ok

    #11: You had trouble with this easy easy one? You got #5 ok, and it's just the same.
    1/8 n <= 3
    n <= 24

    #12: "no more than" mean "less than or equal", not "less than", so
    -12n <= 84
    n >= -7

    #13: again, just as easy as the others.
    -1/6 n < -9
    n > 54

    #14: ok

    Looks like you need to review working with negative values.

  2. Mercy


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