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children who are individualistic and dare to be noncomformists may be exhibiting personality traits that indicate:

A. Convergent Thinking
B. Creativity
C. Rigidity
D. Reality-Bound thinking

  1. Ms. Sue

    And your answer is?

    Actually, I see two possible answers. Check your book.

  2. Katt

    I would think d, here's why.

    Convergent thinking is a term used to describe the process of finding a single best solution to a problem. Usually convergent means coming closer together, especially in characteristics or ideas. Your question states they are individualistic and noncomfortists. I believe the answer may be D, but wait to see Ms. Sues answer, as she is smart.

  3. Ms. Sue

    D is not the answer.

  4. Katt

    Hmm, well I am sorry. I tried my best, haha, I just googled what each one means.

    "When we see rigidity in a person, it means they're severe, like a teacher who punishes you for being late even though you were busing saving an orphan from a polar bear."

    And we all know what creativity means. Anyways, sorry. Listen to Ms. Sue, not me

  5. Writeacher

    Katt needs to stop posting answers to other students' questions and concentrate on her/his own work. Too many times today, I've seen errors or posts that begin with "I'm not sure but ... "

    Please stop.

  6. Katt

    I am sorry, was just trying to help a little. I will stop, cya around.

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