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the b -12a^b the b is to the third power
2a^b/24ab + 6ab^/24ab -12a^b to the third/24ab
12a+4ab +2ab^
2ab^+4ab +12a

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    I assume that x^ means x^2.
    Usually the caret requires a numeric exponent. After all, it could be cubed (x^3) or something else.

    Given that, we have

    (-2a^2 + 6ab^2 - 12a^2b^3) / -24ab

    The rest is very difficult to parse. Why not try reposting using clear notation as I did above? use parentheses where need to group terms.

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    steve can you help me with the previous one. Ms.Sue tried to answer it but it still didn't help me THANKYOU!

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    24 - a - b answer 13

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