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The volume of cube I is 331 m^3 less than the volume of cube II. If an edge of cube I is 10 meters, an edge of cube II is
A. 14 meters
B. 13 meters
C. 12 meters
D. 11 meters

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    James, Adam, uo, Bladimir, Beatrice, Kalifire, Demi, Brandon, Troy ...

    Are you having and identity crisis there in Brooklyn? There is no need to keep switching names here.

    There is a need, though, for you to let the math tutors know what you don't understand. You've been given lots of answers and processes, but now it's time for YOU to step up!

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    V1 = 1000

    V2 = 1331

    V1/V2 = (10/L)^3, where L = side of larger cube

    1000/1331 = 1000/L^3

    L^3 = 1331

    L = Cuberoot(1331)

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    11 meters

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