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The approximate distance, s, in feet that an object falls in t seconds when dropped from a height is obtained by use of the tormula s = 16r^2. In 8 seconds, the object will fall
A. 15384 feet
B. 1024 feet
C. 256 feet
D. None of these

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    aaarrrggghhhh, feet and inches and stuff :(

    if g = -32 ft/s^2

    then I will have to admit that the distance fallen from a still start is

    s = 16 t^2
    (not r^2 by the way, falls straight down, not in a circle)

    s = 16 (64) = 1024 answer B

    which we did not need a calculator for because we have
    s = 2^4 * 2^3 * 2^3
    which is 2^10
    which we all know is

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