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Physical chemistry

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A mixture contains n2o4 and No2 in the ratio 2:1 by volume what is the vapour density of the mixture.Pls answer the question i have been on the question for 2 hrs by now tried solving using mole fraction ideal gas equation an using the formula molar mass /2 but still couldn't get the answer ans as is written is 38.3 pls tell how .explain in detail may be

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    I think the trouble you are having is knowing what vapor density is. vapor density = molar mass gas/molar mass H2.

    vapor density N2O4 = molar mass N2O4/molar mass H2 = 92.011/2.016 = 45.64
    vapor density NO2 = molar mass NO2/molar mass H2 = 46.0055/2.016 = 22.82

    The ratio is 2:1 in favor N2O4; therefore,

    v.d. N2O4 x 2 = 91.28
    + v.d. NO2 x 1 = 22.82
    sum is 114.1
    average is 114.1/3 = 38.033 which rounds to 38.03.

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