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Calculate the maximun=m mass of ethanol that can be made from 5.6 tonnes of ethen

  • Chemistry -

    ether ==> ethanol
    Balance the equation.
    mols ether = tonnes/molar mass (OK, this isn't mols but a tonne-mole but we will be consistent throughout so this is ok. If you don't do this you must convert tonnes to grams in this step and from grams back to tonnes in the last step).
    Using the coefficients in the balanced equation, convert tonne-mols ether to tonne-moles ethanol).
    Now convert that to tonnes ethanol by multiplying by molar mass ethanol.

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    The decomposition of NO2 at room temperature exhibits the following variation in concentration with time:

    The concentration of NO2 is expressed in mol/liter, while time is expressed in seconds.

    [NO2] ln[NO2] 1/[NO2] Time (s)
    0.0831 -2.4877 12.03 0
    0.0666 -2.7091 15.02 4.2
    0.0567 -2.8700 17.64 7.9
    0.0487 -3.0221 20.53 11.4
    0.0441 -3.1213 22.68 15.0
    a. Express the rate of decomposition of NO2 as a function of the concentration of NO2 and determine the order of reaction. (numerical response only: 1 = 1st order, 1.5 = three halves order, 2 = 2nd order, etc.)

    2 - correct
    b. Determine the value of the rate constant.

    0.71 - correct

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