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Discuss your opinions and ideas about three different popular political issues. Include how you think things should be and what you wish certain people would do about it. Articulate your ideas on paper (one-page, typed) using the subjunctive.

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    If you post your essay here, someone can probably check it for you.

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    I doubt that there is any political issue that could be solved by just sitting around and not doing nothing about it. The world is facing many problems in this era. The most common ones are poverty, pollution and war. How is it possible that there are multi millionaire people and at the same time poor people. That does not make any sense. I really doubt that if a poor person comes up to the millionaire he would barely give a couple hundred dollars from the millions and maybe billions that he owns. Auto vehicles have become a threat today. Imagine if every family has up to five children and each child has a car. The number of vehicles should be reduces and solutions should be set. Diseases have spread enormously in the present and it is all because of the food the fast food restaurants provide and the junk food such as candies. Why can't some people visit doctors. Is it because they don’t have insurance? Solutions should be established in order for this world to be better.

    Dudo que haya algún tema político que podría resolverse con sólo sentarse alrededor y no hacer nada al respecto. El mundo se enfrenta a muchos problemas en esta época. Los más comunes son la pobreza, la contaminación y la guerra. ¿Cómo es posible que haya gente multimillonario y, al mismo tiempo que las personas pobres. Eso no tiene ningún sentido. Dudo mucho de que si una persona pobre se acerca a la millonaria que iba apenas dan un par de cientos de dólares de los millones y quizás miles de millones que posee. Vehículos automóviles se han convertido en una amenaza en la actualidad. Imagínese si cada familia tiene un máximo de cinco niños y cada niño tiene un coche. El número de vehículos debe ser reduce y las soluciones se deben establecer. Enfermedades se han extendido enormemente en el presente y todo es debido a la comida de los restaurantes de comida rápida ofrecen y la comida chatarra como dulces. ¿Por qué no pueden visitar a los médicos a algunas personas. ¿Es porque no tienen seguro? Las soluciones deben ser establecidos para que este mundo sea mejor.

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    Can someone please check it for me and double check verbs and subjunctives are correct. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

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    I'll send this to our Spanish expert, SraJMcGin.

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    Thank you for providing the English of what you wish to say in Spanish. There are, however, some grammar problems there!
    1. double negative = not doing anything...2. How is it possible = implies a question so one would expect a question mark at the end = ? 3. The number of vehicles should be reduced 4. because of the food; the fast food (run=on sentence 4. Why can't = also implies a question.

    1. gente is feminine singular so the adjective modifying it must be also = multimillonaria
    2. y, al mismo tiempo, las (or unas) personas pobres
    3. no tiene ningún sentido OR no hace ningún sentido
    4. la millonaria = is feminine only. This entire sentence is so cumbersome that it would flow better to break it up. Perhaps something acerca a un millonario que él le iba a dar sólo unos cientos de dólares de loa millones o miles de millones que posee.
    5. Los vehículos (OR automóviles)
    6. The "si" clause might be better with the Past Subjunctive = Imagínese si cada familia tuviera un máximo de cinco ni˜õs y cada niño tuviera un coche...
    7. El número de vehículos debe ser reducido
    8. Las (OR unas) enfermedades..."en el presente" might be better as "hoy día"
    9. Simplify the rest of the sentence = debido a la comida que los restaurantes de comida rápida ofrecen
    10. "chatarra" is like iron ore...y comida malsana como dulces.
    11. The subject is "some people?" = Por qué no pueden visitar a los médicos algunas personas (get rid of the "a")
    12. las soluciones = feminine plural so the adjective must be also = establecidas

    I'll flag this so I can come back later to see if you have any further questions. If you have time, it is a good idea to rewrite the paragraph with all the corrections.


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