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Two pool balls, each of mass 0.2kg, collide as shown in the figure above. Before the collision, the black ball’s velocity makes an angle of 30∘ with the horizontal line. After the collision, the white ball’s velocity makes an angle of 60∘ with the vertical line. What is the black ball’s speed after the collision?

If needed, sin(30∘)=cos(60∘)=12,sin(60∘)=cos(30∘)=3√2,tanθ=sinθcosθ

Speed =- unanswered m/s

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    Homework dumping

    Wow ... 12 posts in under 4 minutes! You must be taking a test or something.

    Please understand that tutors won't do your work for you.

    You need to indicate exactly what you have done to solve each problem and where you're running into trouble.

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