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The vertex of a parabola is at (-2,4), and the x-intercepts are at -6 and 2. Determine the domain and range of the function.

D: all real numbers
R: all real numbers

D: all real numbers
R: y ≤ 4

D: -6 ≤ x ≤ 2
R: y ≤ 4

D: x ≤ 4
R: all real numbers

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    domain is all reals for all polynomials. So, C and D are out.

    since a parabola has a vertex, it has a maximum or a minimum, so the range cannot be all reals. So, A is out.

    B must be the answer.

    The only confusion might be whether the vertex is a max or a min. If B is correct, it must be a maximum.

    Since there are real roots, the vertex at (-2,4), which is above the x-axis, must be a maximum, so y <= 4.

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