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A sports memorabilia store makes $6 profit on each football it sells and $5.50 profit on each baseball it sells. In a typical month, it sells between 35 and 45 footballs and between 40 and 55 baseballs. The store has no more than 80 footballs and baseballs in stock during the month. What is the maximum profit the store can make from selling footballs and baseballs in a month?

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    write down the data. If there are x footballs and y baseballs, then we have

    p = 6x + 5.5y
    35 <= x <= 45
    40 <= y <= 55
    x+y <= 80

    we want to maximize p. Using your favorite linear optimization calculator, you find that

    profit = 460

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    dang typo: y=40

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