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Based on the following table of values for the function w(t), answer the questions below.

t= 100 110 120 130 140 150

w(t)= 2.6 7.3 12.7 19 26.1 34.1

a) Which of the following best describes the derivative of w(t)?
A. changes sign
B. always positive
C. always negative

b) Which of the following best describes the second derivative of w(t)?
A. always negative
B. changes sign
C. always positive

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    t and w(t) are a table with corresponding values.
    (100,2.6), (110,7.3), (120,12.7), (130,19), (140,26.1), (150,34.1)

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    Sketch the graph first.
    You will notice it's increasing and concave up. This should help with answering.

    (if not, the solution is always positive for both)

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