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Words to choose from: Commemorate, complacent, consensus, deplete, diligent, empathy, menial, niche, transcend, and waive

At Eastman High School reunions, the conversation usually gets around to the question “who was our best teacher?” And year after year, the (1) ____(Consensus)of the graduates has been that Mr. MacDonald was the best. Many remember Joe MacDonald as the epitome of teaching-the teacher against whom they measured all others. He had started his professional life as a highly paid attorney. However, never at home with the law, he left lucrative practice and found his (2) ______(Transcend) as an English teacher in the shabby classrooms at Eastman. Mr. MacDonald somehow helped his students (3) _____(Niche) their broken-down surroundings and experiences the magic in the words of Shakespeare, Dickinson, or Frost. Even those who tended to shun reading began to think there might be something to this literature stuff after all. Mr. MacDonald never became blasé, he was as (6) ___(Complacent) as an eager first –year teacher. He could often be found talking with students after school, as his great (7) _____ (Empathy) for students- he had good rapport with them and understood their problems-was well known. He was fun, too. On the first really beautiful spring day of each year, he’d (8) ____(Waive) his lesson plan and take the class outdoors to sit in the sunshine and talk about literature. And no task was too (9) ___(Menial) for him. He was often seen picking up trash from the grounds-something other teachers would never condescend to do. After Mr. MacDonald’s retirement, his former students wanted to honor him in some way. They thought about a statue, but decided to (10) ____(Commemorate) his teaching in the way that he’d like best, with a college scholarship for an Eastman student, which was established in his name.

  • English -

    2, 3, 6 are wrong.

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    1. consensus
    2. niche
    3. transcend
    4. waive
    5. complacent
    6. diligent
    7. empathy
    8. deplete
    9. menial
    10. commemorate

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