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Assignment: is any effort involved in pursuing any goal valuable, even if the goal is not reached?

A lot of effort is needed to achieve a certain goal and dream. Even though you may not obtain your appreciable goal, it is always valuable to persist in trying. You never know how it will benefit you in other aspects of your life, and often time helps uncover something of significance. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, applied this in any ways through many situations he faced through his life. Another figure who went trough a lot proving my point was Susan Rodriguez.
Current event show how persisting in trying to achieve any goal in your life will benefit you in ways you may not even notice. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, applied a huge effort to start his own company. By the age of 30, he was fired and went for a successful business man to a failure who lost his own company. His persistence and huge effort he exerted before gave him enough experience to start the first animation company ever made. The company grew in no time to be the most successful animation company until today He eventually won back his old company and became one of the most victorious men in the world.
In early 1991, Susan Rodriguez was diagnosed with a horrible disease that expelled her from the ability r=to control her body. She fought ti have a legal right to assisted suicide. She took her case to the Supreme court of Canada, but ultimately lost the battle. She held on to her goal and strived to win this battle. Eventually, she didn't, and by 1994 she decided to take her own life. Her endurance into winning this battle moved a lot of hearts into continuing this fight. Although Rodriguez didn't succeed after an immense effort on her goal, her effort inspired a lot of people to continue the battle she started.
In conclusion, exerting and persisting on reaching a specific goal is in every way very beneficial. Whether you learn from you faults and eventually succeed, or other people learn from your failures and reach what you couldn't.

Please grade my essay and let me know what mistakes i made.

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